About Us

London Art TV is a digital channel showcasing the best of creative London.

We look at life as an art project: multi-layered, colourful, and with all kinds of shapes, sizes and materials. In each of our categories (Visual Arts, LifestyleDance & Music, Quintessentially English, The Pulse of Metropolis) there is an untold story behind every person or piece we feature – something that you simply would not be able to see or find elsewhere. We dive into intriguing conversations about the art of life and knowledge and discover what bright Londoners think in close and personal interviews.

London Art is about people, places, festivals and new approaches to promoting culture to a wider audience.

You will find us regularly filming art events and festivals throughout Europe as well as London so we can bring to you the most unique and engaging stories.

As we believe everything is art, our camera follows the beautiful details around us – from London’s flourishing art scene and music gigs to irresistible travel destinations and Vienna’s cultural gems, through to amazing food creations from the best chefs and restaurants.

Our aim is to inspire, educate and entertain you, our audience, and those among you that make art and look for creative challenges.

Welcome to the place for curious minds!


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