David Lynch at The Photographers’ Gallery

Recently the famous Photographers’ Gallery in London hosted ‘The Factory photographs’- an exhibition of works by David Lynch.

For the first time in Europe the genius filmmaker shows his never-fading love for everything related to the industrial era captured on camera. The exhibition includes a sound installation especially created for the event.

The photographs are black and white, made for decades while looking for film locations in Germany, Poland, United States and England.


The Photographers’ Gallery 2014 © Kate Elliot

London Art: Why did you choose to present David Lynch’s photographs?

Clare Grafik: Well, part of the remit of the gallery is to introduce very well known names but show another side of their work. So of course Lynch is very famous for his films and Twin Peaks but what was interesting to us was discovering that he was great photographer as well. And it was an aspect of his practice that really no one knew about.

London Art: Mainly he is in love with industrial, anything related to industrial. So what is the feeling of his dark films?

Clare Grafik: Gosh, well the interesting thing I think about in this show is that he is not really interested in a single image. All those photographs were taken over 3 or 4 decades. For him it’s about creating an atmosphere through accumulation of imagery.

London Art: And we have music installation as well, which is…

Clare Grafik: …Quite atmospheric as well. Yes, it’s very unusual to have sound like this playing in a gallery, a photography gallery space. Once we saw the effect of the images started to have on you as you walked around the space and then we introduce the sound element, which is also composed by Lynch, it did suddenly all make sense. He is clearly in this show trying to create an emotional response in people, I think in quite effective way.


David Lynch, Untitled (Lodz), 2000


David Lynch, Untitled (England), late 1980 early 1990


David Lynch, Untitled (England), late 1980 early 1990

Anyone familiar with his mysterious visual language will find similarities between these photos and his cult movies ‘’Eraserhead’’, ‘’The Elephant Man’’ and ‘’Dune’’. The exhibition radiates a unique cinematic style by sad and gloomy objects captured by David Lynch’s camera. His multifaceted talent has no boundaries, apart from being a director, musician and photographer, David Lynch has even created his own coffee brand, draws paintings and openly talks about his disappointment from the filming industry.

In connection with recently emerged gossip about possible new Twin Peaks series, we learned the American director has categorically denied such rumours.

London Art will keep you updated, so watch this space!
David Lynch at The Photographers’ Gallery