Lavazza Masterclass at The House of Peroni

Do you know that coffee is the most popular drink worldwide with around two billion cups consumed worldwide every day, and approximately 70 million of these drunk here in the UK each day? Where did it all start? How it evolved and how the perfect morning indulgence should be made using the latest products from Lavazza? Find the answers in our special video feature from Lavazza Masterclass at The House of Peroni.

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Latte Art

Heaven in a coffee cup

Never underestimate the English if they want to excel in something. Bold Dave presented to an international bunch of curious coffee lovers, including four Italians, a coffee masterclass worth remembering. The classy House of Peroni was the perfect shelter from rainy London. We followed the unmistakably addictive smell up to the second floor and there was David, the master-trainer of Lavazza brand in the UK. We sat quietly as the history of coffee started to unfold.

“From the Ethiopian highlands by word of mouth stories of its energising effect reached the Arabian Peninsula, and from there it became a global phenomenon.”

Going back to our airy room I found myself sitting in front of one of the easy-to-use Lavazza Modo Mio coffee machines next to a table full of multicoloured packages – our delicious masterclass props. It seems almost a pity to use the precious capsules to make either café macchiato or a real cappuccino. All 10 flavours of Modo Mio capsules are screaming at us with their Italian names full of passion. I am a bit confused – shall I try Deliziosamente Espesso capsules, Caffe Crema Dolcemente or maybe better to go for the Espresso Appassionamente!?? Every name seems to be describing a love affair between a modern day Romeo and Juliette, maybe even Romeo and Romeo or Juliette with Juliette… as you like it. Magicamente, Divinamente, Intensamente- even without knowing the exact translation we feel it is about pleasure, about love and being loved. That’s what we get from coffee and this is its eternal appeal.


Caffe Florian in Venice

David pointed out with a cheeky smile that we shouldn’t be ordering cappuccino in Italy after 11 o’clock if we want to keep our tourist identity hidden. Such a shame, I love my afternoon cappuccino! After David’s heroically patient explanations what and how, when and where, it’s time to hand back the milk jugs and unused capsules, drink quickly what is left in the cup and say goodbye to the English guy that is smitten with Italy and its coffee culture.

Before that we managed to ask David a few questions and he gave us some very unusual answers. He was so convincing that we are seriously thinking of moving to Italy, where life is like ‘heaven in a coffee cup’, according to David.

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