Orchestra da Camera della Sardegna wows London audience

They are not your usual chamber music orchestra!


Orchestra da Camera della Sardegna

First, coming from Sardinia makes them a bit exotic and unpredictable, and then the instruments in use are more than you can mix even after drinking a good amount of the famous Sardinian red Cannonau.

What we saw and heard at the popular concert venue St James’s Church in the heart of London, was even more exciting. Together on stage were 2 violins, cello, and viola.  Next to the double base were comfortably incorporated organetto, an Italian folk instrument similar to accordion and the 2000 years old unique, typical Sardinian three pipes woodwind instrument called launeddas.


Andrea Pisu (launeddas) and Vanni Masala (organetto)

The surprises didn’t finish here – the velvet tune of Andrew McNeill’s saxophone was supported by an atmospheric 10 string guitar and flirty bandoneon, the essential instrument for playing tango. And yes, the Astor Piazzola and Gardel pieces were masterfully presented, using the clever combination of the above mentioned instruments.

The emotions went high when we were given the opportunity to feel Sardinia, to picture its nature and to embrace the tranquility of its beauty through the works of Simone Pittau, the founder of the Sardinia Culture Festival (now in its 8th year) and Artistic director of the orchestra, Marcello Peghin (guitarist), Danniele di Bonaventura (bandoneon), Andrea Pisu (launeddas) and Vanni Masala (organetto). The spoiled London audience was just speechless.

Among the public in the St James’s Church were  not only members of the Sardinian expats here but a world renowned musicians like  Roman Simovic, leader of the acclaimed London Symphony Orchestra and  Roy Carter principal oboe in all of the UK’s most prestigious opera, chamber and symphony orchestras in the last 35 years.


This unusual combination worked well

For those of you who missed this heavenly good concert there are two options- either head to Sardinia to see them performing or wait till next year. Don’t cry, we will keep you posted.

The next concert is on 12 December in Cagliari, Sardinia at 8 pm , Cripta di S.Domenico with special guests Roman and Milena  Simovic playing Mozart and Schubert. The concert is part of the  Sardinia Culture festival.

For more info about the Orchestra da Camera della Sardegna please visit www.orchestradacameradellasardegna.it